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What our parents are saying...

From our infant room to our Aftercare room, our parents say it all!


Infants to Aftercare

"When I was pregnant I interviewd lots of day care's making sure I chose the best one for my daughter. 
Upon visiting Discovery Point #10 I knew I had found the right place!! 
Kendall has been coming here since she was  6 weeks old  and I could not have asked for a better place!  She is now 10 and still LOVES coming. 
Every day here is an adventure to her and as a full time working Mother,
I am so very grateful for that.  It gives me peace of mind to know she is well taken care of. 

I recommend this center to EVERYONE!!!!"

Thankfully,  Jessica King


     I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Veronica and Lilia.  They take wonderful care of Alan.  Lillia is so sweet and loving when she interacts with Alan.  She loves the babies in that room.  Veronica has also been great with Alan.  He is so excited to see Veronica first thing in the morning when I drop Alan off.  She takes extra time with me talking about Alan's food in his transition to table food.  He has advanced so much with their love and attention.  They are a great team.
Thank You,

Michelle Johnston
(Infant Mother)


Dear Parents,

     Please let me take a minute to let you know about my wonderful experience here at Discovery Point Hamilton Mill.  I am a first time mother and, truthfully, was terrified about leaving my six week old daughter to go back to work.  I knew I needed to find a place that would ease my nerves and make me feel comfortable about leaving her.  Well, after visiting serveral places and leaving not totally satisfied with what I saw, I decided to visit this Discovery Point.  Happily, I know by the time I left after my visit that this is where I would bring my daughter.

     Immediatley after being greeted by the owner, she took me personally on a tour of the facility and we spent a great deal of time in the nursery watching the activity and talking to the ladies working that day.  They answered my endless questions and addressed my concerns with patience and total understanding.  One of my biggest concerns was the amount of attention my daughter would get throughtout the day...They assured me (and I saw this on my visit as well) that unless the babies were sleeping, the babies cuddle, love and play the majority of the day.  To make me feel even more comfortable, we would come up for short visits before she started full time to get her used to being there and we were both welcomed each time and made to feel totally at ease.  That lessened my fears even more and I knew I made the right decision choosing this location.

    ...I can't say enough good things about Discovery Point Hamilton Mill.  I happily tell anyone that asks that this is the best daycare around and I would recommend it to anyone.


A happy mother of a Discovery Point Infant

Pre 1 (2 year old)

"My son Joshua was at home until he turned 18 months.  That is when we decided it was time to attend daycare.  My husband and I viewed many center and there are many to choose from! However, we decided whichever center our son felt the most comfortable at, that is what we would go with (all options were licensed and reputable).  Well, Joshua chose Discovery Point at Hamilton Mill!  At other centers he would not go to the Teachers or really try to interact with the children.  Quite the opposite at Discovery Point.  He ran around with the kids, let the Teachers help him and did not want to leave.  Joshua found a place that is his home away from home.  Everyone is friendly, and caring.  When kids cry, they get attention.  They are played with, read to, taught lessons and sung with.  I am very satisfied with Discovery Point.  I trust them with my child and he loves being there."
- Erica Douglas

Beginner & GA PreK


" daughter has been in every classroom and is now in the Pre-K program and is excelling.  My son has been in the infant room and is in the beginner room and has had the same awesome teachers as my daughter.  He is very mobile and manipulates his classroom with ease and daring.  Thank you to everyone here for such a great work place as well as a great school!"

- Kimberely Keene


Dear Cyndi and Discovery Point Staff,

My daughter Camryn and our family have truly enjoyed  being a part of your Georgia Pre K program.  Camryn is excelling in every way at your school.  I feel like she is going to be prepared for Kindergarten and the quality of care and education has been more then I could have expected.  Camryn comes home talking about things she has learned, she can write, spell, and even does addition!  I could not be more proud of Camryn's success and I could not be happier with any other Pre K program.  A heartfelt thanks from our whole family for making Camryn a part of yours!

The Conner/Esco Family


"After seeing my oldest child make a successful and seamless entry into Kindergarten, I am a firm believer in the Pre-K program at Discovery Point in Hamilton Mill.  My twins are currently enrolled in the program and I plan on them being followed by their little brother.  Through the program, I have seen all my children flourish.  The program works all the fundamental subjects with them (ie. reading, writing, science, math and social studies), and through the weekly newsletters, I am able to keep tabs on what they are learning about.  These newsletters also provide great conversation starters, and just last night we had a very entertaining conversation about hibernation.  In addition to the great education they are receiving, the teachers & staff are truly caring individuals, and I feel a sense of comfort that my children spend their days being educated by sweet people that really love them.  I have been extremely happy with the Pre-K program at Discovery Point, and I have recommended it to all my friends and neighbors.

Thank you!"

-Angie Gunja

Infant to GA PreK

GA Pre-K

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the GA Pre-k Program at Discovery Point.


Our daughter has attended Discovery Point (Hamilton Mill) since she was 12 weeks old.  When we started in the four year old class, or Pre-K Prep, I was impressed by how much my daughter started learning.


She continued on into Ms. Whitney's Pre-k class.  She loves to tell us about the things they are learning about.  We've also noticed how well she is retaining these things.


I have had the chance to get to know all of the Pre-K teachers over the years and I think very highly of all of them.  Each of them shows our daughter kindness, patience, and respect.


It will be a challenging transition when we start kindergarten, for we have all enjoyed our experience the last 5 years.  But we are confident our daughter will only excel thanks to her start at Discovery Point.


Tracey M. Dickson

Ms. Kimberly,


I could not have and-picked better teachers for Lilly this year!  I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you and Ms. Kelly have absolutely been the best.  It is such an honor to have teachers that truly care about your child. 


I have see so much growth in Lilly over this past year, and the amount of information she retained is amazing.  I completely attribute that to the fun and exciting way you and Ms. Kelly presented the information.


Thank you for all you have done for Lilly this year!


Jessica Skrobot

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