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Parent Referral Program

We are proud to share our Parent Referral Program with all of our current parents.   Each time a child is enrolled at Discovery Point Hamilton Mill, as a result of your recommendation to other parents, you will receive a thank you gift.  This gift will be received after the new enrollee has attended Discovery Point Hamilton Mill for a period of two consecutive weeks.
To qualify, make sure the enrolling family puts your name on their enrollment application in the “referred by” section

January-February Referral Gift
$200 Gift Card to Kroger
March- April Referral Gift
You Choose!  $200 Target or Best Buy Gift Card
May-June Referral Gift
1 Hour Massage, Manicure & Pedicure and $100 Dinner out
July-August Referral Gift
$200 Gas Card to Quick Trip
September-October Gift
$200 Mall of GA Gift Card
November-December Gift
You Choose!  $200 Walmart or Amazon Gift Card

Please note that if your account is in default, your gift will be applied to any unpaid balance.

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